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Lifestyle = Human + Feng Shui + Furniture


Modern Happy Home ( Studio + Furniture ) located in Fort Lauderdale Fl provides solutions to create lifestyles. Our design concepts utilizing modern urban furniture are arranged by their relation to natural/artificial light, shapes, texture, and dimensions to accent an area… and create a mood.

Interacting with the Environment .

Our first action when designing and arranging furniture is understanding the relation to the natural environment. Our Fusion creates harmony and balance as it is important to consider light, space, forms, ground plane, and orientations.

Creating Concepts for Lifestyle

When we identify the place and room, the furniture supports  Work – Rest– Play – Socialize. The accents set the mood and complete the scheme.

Feng shui of Present Time connect humankind + environment

Finding Balance these days is related to the activities and environment in which we operate. The Feng Shui of the Present Time gives us the guide of “where and how” when opening a new lifestyle.

Products and Services

We know how valuable appearance can be to your home or office, and how challenging it can be to make rooms come together.
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Explore our line of clean, modern furniture for residential, business, and commercial needs

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Unique, compelling home decor to boost your mood and enhance of your home.

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Explore our Feng Shui service – the Art of Living  that connects you with your environment.

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Schedule design consulting to create your modern happy home. Now serving greater Miami and Ft. Lauderdale

Learn how To see. Realize that

everything is connect with everything else.

                 ” Leonardo Da Vinci”


We know how the important in these days keep the balance.

Discover how the environment can support you to live the essence

Feng Shui of The Present Time Agency

At Modern Happy Home, we offer a modern, simplified version of Feng Shui called FENG SHUI OF THE PRESENT TIME. Let us help you find the solutions to open a new reality and dimension of your life.

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Inspired by our customer’s taste, we offer a wide selection of unique, modern, urban, functional furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories, patio furniture, and more.